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Try my free demo! Renditions of the Awakening is a first-person strategy game where you summon demons and then make as much stuff die / get destroyed as you can. Kill the keep and the mini-boss to win. Feedback immensely appreciated!

Controls: Left click to select portal words, open doors or to throw meat, right click is for pushing demons out of your way if you get stuck, and both mouse buttons together throws an armful of meat.

v1.15b patch notes: 

Previously unlocked player items now load correctly on start of a new rendition, instead of never working at all. whoopsie doodle.

(note that player items gained after cheat code use detected will not be permanently unlocked)

v1.15 patch notes: 

Player item system added! One item chosen at random will spawn when destroying the keep and should be permanently unlocked for future playthroughs in the demo. Yay
Added three pack upgrades, each giving + 8 meat carrying capacity, and reduced starting capacity from 24 to 16.
Player now drops meat when stunned or knocked down, amounts dropped based on pack owned no pack: 25% when stunned, 100% when KD pack 1: 1%-25% rounded up on stun, 25-75% on KD pack 2: 0-1 on stun, 10%-25% on KD pack 3: 0 on stun, 1-3 on KD

item added: Monacle of extended portal vision, shines a red light on portal locations within 24m range
item added: Scary Mask, sits on your head and causes people to treat you like a scary monster while pulled down. But anyone who saw you pull it down will be immune to this effect. Toggle up/down with hotkey 1 by default
item added: Socks of Sprinting, doubles sprint speed

player jump revamped: player now leaves the navmesh while jumping, takes fall damage if falls too far, and will teleport back to the navmesh if the game detects the player might be stuck (still janky, needs improvement)

item added: Boots of Jumping, increases jump strength by a lot
item added: Belt of Courage, enables walking underwater. Player starts taking drowning damage if underwater more than 30s, but recovers this damage over time after surfacing
item added: Spaulder of Checking - upgrades right click shove into a shoulder charge capable of knocking people down or destroying doors (doesn't work if you aren't going fast enough at time of impact)

people knocked down / getting up now slide around 90% less
lifting the mask de-aggros you for people
fixed fighting with spouse and flirting sometimes playing same audio clip twice in a row
reduced swim speed to half of walk speed, and reduced sprint speed bonus while underwater to 25% of normal (still doubled by socks of sprinting)
new cheat code to spawn random item: gimmegimmegimme
new cheat code for full heal: healme

new cheat codes for spawning specific item: gimmeitem# (enter 1-6 for #, or anything else to get a bag upgrade)

Install instructions

File is a .zip, just unzip  (winrar or 7zip or winzip all work) and drag the folder to anywhere on your hard drive and then run the .exe inside

Tested on Windows only, let me know if broken on other platforms please


Renditions of the Awakening Demo v1.15b.zip 862 MB


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Additional commands are keyboard f to toggle fps displayer, f1 to hide player and UI, f2 to slow time and f12 to take a screenshot, which will be saved in the game's data folder and titled RotAScreenshot with a time stamp

How do I enter the hellcarrot cheat code on 1.10? Are there any other cheat codes?

Just type 'hellcarrot' on the keyboard and you'll get a bunny each time. Other codes currently in the game are 'frozdy' to toggle flight mode on and off (will probably end up being an epic player item in the end), and you can press the cheat button (default is c) 30 times while standing in range of a portal to spawn one of each demon except the hell bunny but that will also turn off all the rest of the portals on the map so good luck!

1.06 has broken buttons on the defeat screen and sometimes you have to alt+f4 to close it. Will post a new version as soon as I can to fix it

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Updated to v1.02 and made many improvements to visual stuff, combat, animation, pathfinding, demon behavior, audio (bugfixes and cat sounds added) and more

Edit: and with a file size of 666MB, I feel pretty sure this version will not be replaced until after the Denver Indie Expo on Dec 15th


Updated to v1.01 and fixed 5 large bugs plus several small ones