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Try my free demo! Renditions of the Awakening is a first-person strategy game where you summon demons and then make as much stuff die / get destroyed as you can. Kill the keep and the mini-boss to win. Feedback immensely appreciated!

Controls: Left click to select portal words, open doors or to throw meat, right click is for pushing demons out of your way if you get stuck, and both mouse buttons together throws an armful of meat.

v1.17 notes:

Added a FoV slider to pause menu, and upgraded menus in general

Also some fairly significant bug fixes

Install instructions

File is a .zip, just unzip  (winrar or 7zip or winzip all work) and drag the folder to anywhere on your hard drive and then run the .exe inside

Tested on Windows only, let me know if broken on other platforms please


Renditions of the Awakening Demo v1.17.zip 795 MB


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Well User335 Here's my take on the game so far.

Finding and remembering where the portals are seems to be key before starting havoc and completing a mission. Because of this, what will stop the player from Looking around every nook and cranny for items? Perhaps a locked door where you have to find the key, or setting up guards restricting access protecting something valuable, or have guards chase you away if you get too close would be a good way to go.

Good dialogue. Can quickly exhaust it but hey this is a demo more stuff will be coming soon, and I'm looking forward to it. :)

This game has potential.

The dialogue with characters was very cool. As a player, I didn't feel like I could do much. The goals are shown when hitting escape, or pause I think? I was confused at first what needed to happen. I was able to easily take down the castle. I assume you'll be adding multiple levels. I saw some problems with animations but I don't think that's a deal breaker. I was very surprised by the dialogue with characters. You had them say some awesome stuff and that really shocked me.

Additional commands are keyboard f to toggle fps displayer, f1 to hide player and UI, f2 to slow time and f12 to take a screenshot, which will be saved in the game's data folder and titled RotAScreenshot with a time stamp

How do I enter the hellcarrot cheat code on 1.10? Are there any other cheat codes?

Just type 'hellcarrot' on the keyboard and you'll get a bunny each time. Other codes currently in the game are 'frozdy' to toggle flight mode on and off (will probably end up being an epic player item in the end), and you can press the cheat button (default is c) 30 times while standing in range of a portal to spawn one of each demon except the hell bunny but that will also turn off all the rest of the portals on the map so good luck!

1.06 has broken buttons on the defeat screen and sometimes you have to alt+f4 to close it. Will post a new version as soon as I can to fix it

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Updated to v1.02 and made many improvements to visual stuff, combat, animation, pathfinding, demon behavior, audio (bugfixes and cat sounds added) and more

Edit: and with a file size of 666MB, I feel pretty sure this version will not be replaced until after the Denver Indie Expo on Dec 15th


Updated to v1.01 and fixed 5 large bugs plus several small ones